Monday, 12 October 2009

oh my days, there's more....

Look! Its Shaun Mellor rolling a cigerette, look at him mingled up amongst old papers i found in Deptford market......

And thar be further mash up....

Oh what fun the day does bring!

Spend the morning coloring inn and the afternoon messin with ma buddies and chums making them all imaged. here be Jenna( photographer, artist) all mashed up with papers and scratches. Aint she a looker ;)

Rah x

Monday, 5 October 2009


And here would be Roman Rappak of Bretton(the band) . One of the more talented men I know displayed here within images of the suffolk countryside.


Back to what's the basics


Never had one of these blog things before. Think there a bit odd, ya know, reading someones inner monologue can be either boring or a tad disturbing. I'm hoping to steer clear of the latter.

Started out digital art jazz today. I'll see if i can post a the proogress. It a mash up of Shitlock Lee (beer drinker), Britney Tshuk(singer)and Liam Clarke(Bogus Gasman front man)